As a long time fan of paracord (everything in my house that requires a cord gets a knot of paracord) I wasn't aware that other options are available until I landed here at HF. Soooo I have done a lot of reading here in the forums and have gotten some great advice from what I believe to be the best people around. Anyways... I have read about the following cords: Zing-it, lash-it, amsteel and dynaglide. What's the difference? Which should I use on my Chinook 12x9? Weight and color are of no concern but I'd like to have something strong. Although the stretch of the paracord never bothered me before, now that I know alternatives exist, I'd like to trade up to a product with no stretch. (Dont worry about the paracord, it will get made into bracelets and given to one of my scouts who's dad lost his job and he sells the bracelets to help out around the house). Thanks for any suggestions you may have.