much does your complete system weigh?

So I have been working on my own flavor of suspension. I know that there are all sorts of proven suspension systems out there...and I thank all of you for the massive amount of information that has been shared on awesome.

But its cold where I live (Northern Alberta), and so lately I find myself spending a lot of time learning new knots and trying out different ways to hang my hammock from the joists in my basement I've been trying out all sorts of things...marlin spike hitch, dutch buckle, elephant trunks, sewn loop straps, water knot straps, descending rings, single line suspension, 3 to 1 zing it suspension so on and so forth...all sorts of stuff.

I've run the gambit from total extreme maximum adjustability systems to total minimalist...pretty much nothing to it systems. I'm finally getting close to something I really like...meaning it works for my particular brand of hammock "madness" (just enough simplicity vs adjustability)...and it occurred to me that this may be a good time to do a weight check to see where I'm at

So far my official weight...including the larkshead loops on the hammock is 150g.

I know I can get it way lighter...but as it is right now its pretty terms of functionality and ease of use...from a ****** noobs perspective

So calling all gramers...whats your weight?...suspension wise