I screwed up and posted this in Top Insulation section.

Here it goes.

I have been lurking here for sometime and reading a bit here and there. The whole bottom quilt/BC protector thing has conjured up some ideas. I have a HH Explorer ASYM Deluxe for the 300 lb load rating and I also had them include the Hex fly. The bonus is that it came with the standard fly too. My first real outing with this was a 12 mile overniter with my sons BS troop. It got down to low 30's upper 20's overnight. At the coolest part of the night my feet got a little cold. I was using nothing more than my North Face Cat's Meow bag and a ThermaRest Z-lite pad under me. The Z-lite was the regular length and has a foil coating on one side. If I stayed on the pad it was great, if I was off of the pad I got cool. As would be expected.

In my infinite wisdom I decided to purchase another pad just like the one I have and fabricate the original fly into an undercover for the two pads to rest in. My thinking is the two pads interlocked (due to their egg crate type form) would give me side to side comfort as well as the protection from the cool air under the hammock.

Anyone else ever try such a system?