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    New concept for an UQ--air pocket?

    So, I have no idea how well this would work yet but I wanted to throw it out there to see what people think:

    Take a look at the picture I'm attaching and that will make it a lot easier to describe what's in my head:

    The idea is that you have an air pocket that gets pressed up against the hammock. Then a perimeter of down filled-baffles, and karo-style baffles underneath, to insulate it.

    Specifically, I would use karo baffles as they seem to be the best at eliminating down shifting completely (which would be this concept's kryptonite).

    So, what's the constructive criticism you can offer?

    I'm thinking that the benefits of this concept would be:
    - Light weight (removing 33% of the down, which makes up most of the weight already)
    - Versatility (you could put the air pocket on the outside and eliminate it's insulation for warmer nights--giving you a 2" karo UQ)

    And the cons:
    - If down shifts at all it will cool the entire air pocket and you'll be would have to be very careful when making the quilt to avoid this.

    So, what does everyone think? Is this viable at all?
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