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    Weather Cover For Blackbird, Instructions

    I made a weather cover for my BB by draping the fabric, in this case DWR, over the hammock while the wings were flying proudly. I cut and pinned and came up with these dimensions.
    Start with fabric 98 inches x 46 inches
    Layout pattern as per attachment.
    1. Start at the top and measure down 1 inch. That plane is Datum, Zero.
    Measure vertical dims from this Y datum (one inch from the edge).
    2. Fold down the center and measure out from the fold. The center fold is also the horizontal X datum. All dims without (inches) written, spelled out behind them are measured from this center line. (All dims WITH (inches) spelled out behind them are total widths and lengths and should be used to double check the dims you laid out from the centerline and are also representative of your cut-lines (overall dims before hemming).
    3. Layout each spot marked with a crosshair and circle. You will connect these dots to form your FINISHED size after hemming the edges.
    CUT on the phantom lines, hem to the finished lines which are connection lines from the circles. Connect the dots and hem one inch all around.
    4. Apply velco to all the edges where shown.
    5. Turn weather cover over and Layout where you want a window and make a bugnet window the size you want and pin and sew it right over the existing fabric. [COLOR="Red"] Then and cut out the center square of the window leaving a bugnet filled window only. Then do a zig zag stitch all around over the cut edges of the window to keep edges from fraying.
    6. Turn weather cover over again and Sew velcro all around the window from the side that is the outside surface of the weather cover.
    7. Make a window closure flap to match the window and put velcro all around. Either leave loose or sew one side. Add a small patch of velcro to the INSIDE of the flap and one adjacent to the window in the direction you intend to roll it open to stick the open window flat to.

    Velcro installation on the hammock:
    Apply the velcro to the hammock by sewing it over the grossgrain that is on all the edges of the BB bugnet with the grossgrain folded over the bugnet. Then sew the second seam to hold the velco down. Part of the velcro will be on the grossgrain which is folded over the bugnet material and part on the nylon taffeta. This only reduces the area of the bugnet by the width of the grossgrain that is adjacent to it.
    The weather cover should now velcro onto your BB covering all the once exposed surface of the bugnet. Enter and exit the hammock as before.
    Please excuse the sloppy illustration, I had to correct myself using photoshop and, well, it's sloppy.
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