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Thread: WTB Snake skins

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    The warbonnet comes with what is essentially a bishop bag, and while it's pretty convenient, I like the idea of the snakeskins better - ESPECIALLY as a way to pack up my tarps. I like the idea of being able to keep the tarp pitched but inside the skins, so it's quick to deploy if the weather gets ugly, but still lets me sleep under the stars.

    And I also like how skins make it easier to take the hammock down without it hitting the ground. I might try them and end up hating them, which is part of the reason I'm not willing to fork out 80 bucks, but I do want to give them a shot.

    And no, I can't get a set to play with and then get more if I like them... I found out the hard way with buying my blackbird first that my fiance is just as much of a gear nut as me, and I am NOT allowed to have any new toys that she doesn't have

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustardman View Post
    I like the idea of the snakeskins better - ESPECIALLY as a way to pack up my tarps.
    I used to do the same, but kind of evolved into using a BB instead. Hang Your Own Hammock, eh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sniperbait View Post
    Sometimes it's a false economy to try to make something. It's usually better to buy the manufactured items than stuff about trying to save a few bucks. I have HH snakeskins and am pleased with them. It would be too much effort to try to buy the material, work out the dimensions, measure and cut correctly, find someone to sew them to a standard I would accept, just to save a few dollars.
    Unless you do not value your time, I cannot see how DIY gear could ever be good economy. DIY gear is not about saving money, at least not for me. I bought a $700 sewing machine because I love making gear and have no ambition to ever recover the investment in money saved vs. buying commercial gear. Yet, I consider the $700 spent on the sewing machine a really good investment, because it helps me to do something I really like to do. I just made a down jacket, about $120 in materials and 10 hours of my time. I could have easily bought a $300 commercial jacket and come out ahead financially considering my investment in time and DIY equipment. But where's the fun in that?

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