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You might not have the lightest pack .. but you have some of the coolest gear in it .. love that stove .. of course your photography is always a pleasure to see ..
Thanks Mate! The stove turned out looking a bit “Steampunk”, not planned but thought it looked cool anyway. It had performance issues (vaporizing) in the cold but that was rectified with a priming tray. As for Pack/base weight, I’ve started working on that! Just finished a new summer weight TQ made out of Nobul1…11.6oz! UQ soon to follow, I’ll try not to lose the coolness though

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The winter recliners are a thing of beauty, especially on a cold day. The heat just beams back at you...I felt it through 2 down sweaters and a windbreaker. I never used to stop much on my winter hikes from years past but it's nice to stop and enjoy the quiet and have a brew....sweeeeet.
I've said it before and I'll say it again....it's good to have a friend with serious DIY skills.

Glad we brought the Recliners cause I REALLY needed that break! Snowshoeing has a way of telling you how out of shape you are in a hurry!