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Was able to get some time to try a set of these this weekend with amsteel. Has some difficulties at the start with the given numbers since amsteel is much thicker and simply seems to take more room with its looser weave. The long piece was simple and easy enough. the short end was more difficult. Started with 24" to accomodate for a longer bury but that left me with no tail to backsplice let alone prussik. Made some continuous loops (not sure for what yet) and moved to 30" for each short piece. 2" eyes and 5" eye bury with an 8.5" for the main bury. Left me room to prussik and backsplice. Haven't used them yet and time will tell if I prefer but it was a great tutorial and fun to follow. Thanks again.

Will be trying soon enough once I get my hands on some dynaglide.
If you add it up, 4" for the fixed eye with a 5" bury = 14"
Add 7" for the constrictor, that's 21"
Now just need a tail for the prusik and backsplice, so 30" would be perfect.

4" fixed eye with a 4" bury = 12"
5" constrictor bring it to 17"
Add a few inches for the tail, so about 2' of cord.

That sounds about right

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