I have an ENO SN and DN which I use all the time and yesterday my new Warbonnet Traveler arrived in the mail. I love my ENO's (I have 2 HH's as well and a Skeeter Beeter), but I ordered the Traveler because of the 2nd bottom. I am tired of the cheap Walmart pad I use shifting under me in the ENO DN in cold weather and I thought the Traveler would solve that issue, which it did. I put the pad in the Traveler and it didn't shift around, so at least on that score...mission accomplished.

The thing is, I was NOWHERE NEAR as comfortable in the Traveler as I am in my ENO's. Has anyone compared the two before? What is the logic in how you set up the Traveler? I don't want to sound dumb, but I read that the foot should be higher than the head. I set one side higher and tried that, but it was still not comfortable. Is there one end that's supposed to be the head? If so, how can you tell the difference. How taut should the ridgeline be? I'm gonna try again in a little while and wanted some advice.