Howdy, y'all. Long time, no talk! My kiddos keep me too busy for much hammock camping these days. Hopefully as they get older, I can get them to hang in the woods, too.

Getting to my questions . . .

My wife and I want to replace our bed with a small couch for daytime use and hammocks for nighttime.

Outside wall is a sandwich of 4" concrete--2 polystyrene--4" concrete. The wythes of concrete are tied to the insulation layer by special, plastic form-ties.
The opposite wall is 17 ft. away. It is an interior wall that is 6" concrete.

I weigh 260#, but let's figure 300# for each hammock to build in a lot of extra safety margin. I plan to fabricate the anchors from steel plate, with 4 bolts in each (1 per corner). Unless someone has a better idea or thinks this is overkill. But how large should each base plate be? And what size bolts? Wedge anchors or something else?

For the two hammocks, how far apart should the anchors be on each wall to allow for slight rocking without bumping into one another?

Any other thoughts? I know there are a bunch of clever folks here..