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Hello. Just wondering if it would be possible to use some kind of climbing rope, (or amsteel) have that attached to your hammock with a larks head, then tie a stopper knot (figure eight or diamond) then tie a marlin spike hitch in your webbing and slide the rope in before tightening. That way it would be hardware free. I was wondering if this would be a good idea or just suicide.
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I have used the exact suspension Grizz explains in his video. It is really a great setup. The only difference is I went back to looping my ridgeline over the continious loops and then attaching the continious loop to the diamond knot with the slide. I have maybe 5-6 hangs on the setup and it seems to be handling my 215 lbs. just fine. I have been more worried about the Dynaglide than I have the diamond knot attachment. I have never weighed it but it weighs nothing. I have several pics in my gallery.