I'm going back and forth between 20 degree versions of the Hammock Gear and Underground Quilts version of a top quilt. The quilt will replace a 20 degree synthetic sleeping bag for use in backpacking and kayaking. I'll probably go long length (I'm 6'1"), 1 oz overfill. I plan this as a 4-season set-up for here in Ohio, at least until I get a summer quilt. I'll use this with my 3-season Jarbidge UQ for now. Plan on getting the snap version so i can vent in warmer weather or use on the ground when need be (I'm a side and stomach sleeper on the ground).

OK, my dilemma:

I see a possible advantage in the Resist Down in the UGQ version. Can't get that at HG.

Absent Resist the UGQ is $10 cheaper (so if all else is equal...).

I see HG is 900 fill power vs. 850 at UGQ. Does the difference have any practical value?

I see HG as the more popular here -- maybe just been around longer or maybe it is just the best.

HG is in Ohio just 30 minutes down the road -- so I like supporting local and maybe could pick up to save shipping.

All that said, I'd love any thoughts of advantages of one over the other -- including the possible value of Resist Down if that's the only meaningful difference. I know either one will be great but one still may be better than the other, at least in some small way.

Any other suggestions are also welcome.