I had a leadership retreat this weekend at a beautiful facility on the river. No way I was sleeping in doors! I just got my 20F Incubator (long!) in a few days before, so it was perfect timing.

I didn't sleep well though. I had to setup everything in the dark, but took my time, readjusting as needed. It was 20F w/ a strong wind (perpendicular to my ridgeline), and I was about 15 feet from the river. I pitched my Superfly low to the ground, but still had about 6" in the center that was off the ground.

I'm just using a 20F Northface Cat's Meow (Polarguard) as a top quilt until I can swing a Burrow.

So, my feet and my upper body were fantastically warm, but by knees and upper calf were slightly cold, but also uncomfortable. For some reason, the hammock material seemed extra bunched up, so I had a pressure point there. I moved and wiggled around a lot, but never was able to fully alleviate it. I haven't noticed that before, but I've only have the Blackbird for a month or so.

I took my cook kit with me to boil some water for a hot water bottle, but it was so cold my fuel canister was freezing. I'll be taking my alcohol stove next time it's below freezing!

Any thoughts as to why my knees were cold? Around 3 am, I got some shock cord out and added a line around the ridgeline to the attachment loops on the quilt, but didn't seem to notice that making a difference. Was the cold spot related to the hammock bunching up?

I was worried the quilt would move around to much, but it stayed in place perfectly (and I loved how the Blackbird shelf still worked with the quilt on!)

It was a fun experience, just a little bummed I can't post that I "slept like a baby". WAY better than using pads though! Let me know if I'm forgetting some info!