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    Being a single braid cord that is easily compressed to a dangerous level knots are not recommended by the manufacturer of amsteel. Amsteel is also very slick due to the type of rope it is and the coating that are added to reduce friction. Many knots have been found to slip. That along with the higher de-rating due to the compression and most avoid using knots. Splicing it is quite easy though and what it is intended for.
    Speaking of knots, and speaking of Paul Gibson: last fall I was on a trip to the ID Sawtooths on a route that PG had helped me figure out and gave me advice about. I was with my old buddy and his college freshman son, who had a HH ( I think an older Expedition ) for which he had borrowed a Super Shelter from me ( an Explorer sized was all I had). 1st night we were setting up, and he had forgot how to do the HH fig 8 hitch. He was hanging it with a taughtline hitch. His Dad started giving him a hard time, wanting him to learn the "right" way from me. But I asked him if he had used that knot successfully before with that hammock, he said yes, so I said what the heck, give it a go as far as I'm concerned. His dad agreed, so I just showed him how to get the HHSS on right, and he used his knot. He used the taught line no problem all week, plus stayed plenty warm to at 34F in the HHSS. I don't think that knot slipped one bit, untied real easy every morning, worked good. I've never tried it, I probably weigh a good 50 lbs more than that kid. Plus, it might work differently with different ropes.
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