Well, being that my dad is a carpenter, he can build a house from the ground, up. He can do plumbing, electrical, framing, trim, etc.

I picked his brain about hanging my hammock inside, one wall is a cement exterior wall, which he says is cinderblock.

The other wall is an interior with wooden 2x4 studs.

He wants me to span 3 or 4 studs with another block of wood, to support the load on that side, then on the cement side, use the same amount of support, but using Tapcon screws.

We shall see how this pans out.

In my first time sleeping in my hammock, here,

I discovered not only could I sleep BETTER than in my own bed, I could sleep in positions I never thought possible.

So this is going to replace my bed for sure.

This is going to be in a 10x10 room, so It's going to be a tight squeeze.
According to this nifty thing,

I should be able to make it.