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    Thanks for all of the great locations guys, I think I'm going to venture out and try the spot south of Cape Perpetua - I'll update this with a trip report too.

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    Strawberry Hill

    Don't forget to stop at the state park (day use only) at Strawberry Hill south of the cape. It's in that section of low hills and valleys that sits between Cape Perpetua and Haceta Head. I think there's a good trail that comes out there at US 101 near the park. There (and just south of Perpetua) there are lots of places well sheltered from the wind though you're in what is essentially deep forest. I'd guess hammock camping would be the only good way to use them. No really flat, good ground camping spots.

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    all i will be there at frog lake

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHAWN197324 View Post
    all i will be there at frog lake is the Oregon Winter Hang tread.
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    If you're looking for a local forum, is your best bet for intel on hikes and backpack trips. As for the Oregon Coast, I've been down in Brookings this time of year last year and the campground had barely any people in it...for car camping. If you want to go in the woods, then I suggest picking up the Sullivan guide for the area you want to go to and find a trail that meets your needs. Lots of great places to hang around the Portland area.
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