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    First Annual Frozen Fingers Hang

    Hey Everyone.

    Here's a brief summary and some photos from the First Annual Frozen Fingers Hang.

    We had seven intrepid explorers brave the great white north country of the Finger Lakes National Forest. Brian, Jeff, Jeff, Kevin, Miguel, Harlan, and me (David). A huge global warming-inspired January thaw struck us with temperatures in the 50s (!), and what started out as snow on Friday and Saturday, turned slushy and muddy by Sunday. Neither rain nor warm weather could dampen our spirits though!

    Miguel found a great spot to hang in a pine plantation that was ready made for hammock hanging. The pines turned out to provide great cover from the wind, but we also found that they kept the cold in as well. That's alright though, our fireman Kevin kept us warm with a roaring wood fire and a bottle of something else that warmed the insides. The Sled Dog Ale also turned out to be very tasty and double-fisted just fine with a can of PBR Miguel's grilled sausage and chicken was a huge hit. Next year we have to double the amount though!

    On the way home, we all stopped at a diner for a greasy breakfast. We had such a great time on this trip that everyone was discussing holding a warm finger hang sometime this summer. We had a great crew of hangers, and I can't wait to see them again.
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