Spent another night trying to dial in my new Lite Owl. Went to bed late after that Sunday night football game. Had my Hammock up for a few days outside our house and didn't think about all the rain we've been getting. Around 2 am after drifting off to sleep (in a cozy flat lay) the rain starts coming down fierce and a gust of wind came up and blew out 3 of my four stakes on the Big Daddy. I immediatly started getting soaked. I don't think I've ever gotten out of bed or a hammock faster! Man it was coming down. I restaked the tarp to hopefully protect it and crashed inside to my warm comfy bed (and woman). The next morning the stakes were all whipping around the hammock and there was a nice tear on one of the sides ...I'm going to try to fix it with the GE II silicone and a couple of peices of silnylon that Marty from WL is sending me. Thanks Marty! Great customer service. Anyway, I thought about it later and I think the ground had just gotten too soggy with all the drenching rain we had that week, and the stakes couldnt' hold it down. I should have brought the whole kit and kaboodle in after the first blowout, but it was late and I was drenched and ready to sleep. Live and learn....Good news was that I was completly comfortable before all hell broke loose