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    Modular PLUQ with Insultex?

    I have read through the sew-'em-up and no-sew PLUQ and the IXUQ threads, and a few other threads but have not seen an answer to my question. I have seen posts where people talk about doing this, but no pictures or personal experiences with it.

    What I'm wondering, is if it would be possible to make a modular UQ, where layers of insulation could be removed or added with ease?

    I was thinking, PLUQ with snaps that attach to a layer of Insultex. Then the Insultex would have snaps that attach to a second layer of Insultex, etc., etc.,..

    Would snaps install easily in Insultex or would the material just rip? Cutting the different layers of Insultex to longer than needed dimensions could allow for natural baffling - snaps could span 48" but Insultex could be cut to 50" to allow for 2" of wrinkles/baffling/prevent compression.

    Anyone try this?
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