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Congrats on some great gear. Dont be afraid to be inventive, its a vevy versitile hammock. My runner is on a diet,im getting closer to where i want to be with it. I like to shorten the spreader bars in cold weather,this utalizes all of the lynx, pulling the down up around me. I have come to using the foot end without a spreader bar at all, its still a more confy bed for me than a gathered end. I am always amazed at the ability of the lynx to function. It does not matter what i have done to alter the way im using the rr,the lynx is like the best dancing partner you will ever have,its always right there. I believe if Kirsty Allie wore a dress made of a linx,she would have won the dancing with the stars award.
Hairbear,,that is nice to know,,now you got me experimenting again as been playing with hiking poles and I like the way you can adjust the hiking poles to vairous widths playing with the lay and width. Your right. This hammock has so much versatility and I just keep on finding new ways to adjust and use it for total comfort.