Roche, Spam, and Wisenber let me tag along on some of Roche's 900 miles of the Smokies. We did a 3 day 2 night on the trail. The first night was in the teens and the second night 32*, rain, rolling fog, and snow dripping from trees. Everybody stayed warm and dry. I was impressed with Roche's HH SS setup that he used in the teens, Wisenber hiking in at night, and Spam's Hindu Karl Childress impressions.

By the way Spam put us to shame with his small pack and one good looking hammock setup with a BIAS hammock and a matching UQ from a vendor I know.

Here are a few short clips of our trip. I did not get any hammock camp video but everyone is a HF member so it is sort of hammock related Honestly it was one of those trips where I had to concentrate on the hike and was tired at camp so the video suffered. I hated to just delete it so here are the tidbits.

Thanks again for the invite for this trip,