I'm brand new to hammock camping, tarps, hammocks, ridgelines and suspension are all pretty foreign to me. I now have in my posession a WBBB, a GT ultralight, an Old Man Winter tarp which was already setup with suspension, and a War Bonnet Edge tarp. I recently purchased an adjustable ridge line from dutchware thinking I could use this as the suspension underneath my Edge tarp. I also ordered some other things, everything came exactly as promised and looked fantastic, but the adjustable ridgeline that I ordered is only 10' 5" in length total. Thus making it far too short to be used under the tarp.

I guess I must be confused on the difference between a ridgeline, and suspension, especially for a tarp. Isnt a tarps ridgeline what is used as the suspension? This seems to be the case for the Old Man Winter tarp I bought of a HF member, the ridgeline is one solid cord used to wrap around trees as well as support the tarp.

I emailed Dutch and he promptly emailed me back to let me know the ridgeline I ordered is actually supposed to be used as a ridgeline for a hammock. I suppose I could use this on my GT ultralight, but again I'm confused as how to hook this all up.

I clearly need to go back and watch more videos and read a bit more but I figured if some members could provide me some clarification why not? Thanks in advance and sorry if my question is ridiculously simple.