Hey guys! Been lurking for awhile, but don't post often. I've done plenty of hanging in the summer, but never been out overnight in anything less than 45 degrees. In 2 weeks, I'm going with some friends to Virgin Falls in Sparta, TN. None of us have ever done any winter hiking before, so it should be interesting. I'm expecting a high of 50ish and low of 30ish.

I plan on hanging in my back yard one night next week just to get a feel for it. It should be in the mid-20's then, so if I can handle that then I can surely handle 30 degrees for a few nights.

During the summer, I usually take:
- ENO DN hammock w/ whoopie slings
- Rain tarp
- 20 degree mummy sleeping bag
- CCF pad from Walmart
- Hot water bottle in my sleeping bag
- Aside from the clothes I wear while hiking, I usually just take shorts and an extra pair of socks to sleep in.

1) I'm planning on taking a light jacket for during the day and thermal underwear to sleep in. Will that suffice?
2) I'm a bit limited on money right now, so I can't make any big purchases (would love an UQ). Any cheap items I could buy that would help me stay warm?
3) Any other general tips for the cold weather?