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    Seems like you've probably already left, but for anyone else looking to camp similarly:

    Lots here have talked about site selection; pick one that's as best out of the wind as possible. But another hugely important thing to remember (that I didn't catch anyone else mentioning) in seriously windy conditions is to very thoroughly check for dead or even weakened-looking limbs and trees in the area. These things are always dangerous, but wind will bring them down no problem. Keep an eye out.

    EDIT: And, of course, I missed it; OutandBack mentioned it. ;p

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    Thanks everyone. I skipped the tent and used my hammock for my first winter hang!

    I had a great time and it wasn't bad at all. I would say the wind was maybe 15mph at best in the spots I camped. The terrain and sand dunes blocked almost all of it coming off the lake. Doors on my BMJ tarp, 20° UQ, slept 9hrs stright like I always do in the hammock. As usual, I saw many more people there in weather like this than in the spring or fall - I love those Michiganders!

    Just a few photos on my iPhone which are hardly worth posting. Had gloves on most the time and quite frankly been there so many times I stopped taking photos. But I'll get them up soon.
    With our land becoming more developed and crowded, lots of people go into the woods because they are beautiful and wild. Unfortunately some people’s actions make these places much less beautiful than when they arrived (bushcrafters building chairs, tables, shelves, tripods, walls, huge fires, cutting trees, etc.) Do your best to make sure you’re not one of those people.

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