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    CA>Berryessa/TBD>Feb 8-10 - Feelers put out for Northern CA hang, open to suggestions

    Hey all, I'm just putting out some feelers to see how many would be interested in getting together a Northern California hang for this spring or summer.
    I'm thinking of somewhere near the I-80 corridor so as to make it easy to access for as many as possible. However, I know the Sacramento valley isn't very conducive to camping/hanging ventures.
    My favorite places to hang are near Lake Berryessa, Point Reyes, and of course the Sierras.
    If we look at setting it up for sooner, rather than later I would say Berryessa or Point Reyes would give us the best turnout as well as better(more bearable) weather conditions. If we head towards Point Reyes I would need to reserve specific sites that are hospitable to hammocks. If we head towards Lake Berryessa I think our options would be pretty open as it would be dispersed camping but there is limited parking space at the trailhead and may require some carpooling.

    If you all wanted to set something up for later in the spring the sierras may also be a viable option.

    So, let's hear it!
    Who's in?
    What dates work for you?
    Where do you hail from, and how far are you willing to drive for a group hang?
    What temps/weather conditions are you prepared to encounter?

    Also, something to keep in the back of your minds, I am going to look into getting a group site at D.L. Bliss state park at some point this summer in the hopes getting together a group hang at Lake Tahoe. I know those sites can get taken up pretty fast as soon as reservations become available. But I'll keep you all posted when I can get more definitive info on that.
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