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    Stuff Sacks and Ridgeline bag

    Made some stuff sacks today.

    The two large red ones will open on both ends and I will be using them like Bishop bags. They are 18'x 14' and one will hold my HH with Nest UQ. The other will hold my ENO DBL w/PLUQ. They are made from rip stop nylon

    The brown and black ones are meant for cook kits. The black is nylon and is about 12 x 8. The brown is made from cotton pants leg and is about 14 x 8. It is made from cotton because it will hold a wood burning stove and I wanted the cotton because of the clean up factor.

    The ridgeline bag is made from nylon. It measures 13 x 9 and was built specifically to hold my Nook and my SW 38+P.

    Now it is onto my SPE. Woman can never have too many toys!
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