Was not sure where to put this so I just stuck it here. MODS Feel free to move if needed.

RadioHead and I packed up rolled to a State Park for an over night run.

We were met by a friendly Park Ranger who informed us that MISSOURI (Not Federal National Forests) Has now placed a rule in effect around March of 2012 that says Hammocks are allowed for camping in MO State Parks however they must have 3 inch tree straps.

Yes, 3 Inch wide straps. I would like to see the toggles used for whoopies on 3 in webbing LOL.

My Solution to this if heading for a MO State Parks Camp Ground will be a 3 inch wide piece of webbing around the tree part where my strap will ride. He did not seem to blink an eye much at our 1 inch straps however mentioned that some park rangers and administrators won't be so friendly on the topic.

I guess the whole hammocks in state parks was a widely disputed topic at first so the rules are going to be enforced.

On a brighter note we had a nice warm night in the 21 Degree weather.