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Thanks to all for a great time at the hang!

Thanks to all for their hard work in setting up/running such a great event - Gumbo you are amazing and have inspired me to learn to cook in a DuchOven - you make a mean fruit cobbler!

Special thanks to VanGuard for letting the "big kids" play too (paracord bracelets) (My students have seen mine on my bag and now want to know how to make them - they're even thinking about making them and using them as a fundraiser for the charities that some of their clubs support).
(It was a gift that will keep on giving!)

So great to meet new friends and make great memories! It even inspired me to join the forums!

Looking forward to next year,

RunnerGirl (a.k.a. Mrs. WetRivrRat)
It was so nice meeting you! Glad you had a great time.

Timberrr has suggested that I change the name of my mixed berry cobbler to "Bear Scat Cobbler" hoping the less enticing name will ensure he gets seconds!

Vanguard really came through for me too. I was supposed to teach the class on Survival bracelets, but ran out of time on a refresher course for myself to remind me how to make them before the class came around. And the quick release buckles sure made them nicer than the idea I had in mind.