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    New! Hammock Forums Video Directory

    Hey everyone,

    You've asked for it, and we've delivered. I would like to present to you the HF Video Directory.

    Leading up to this, a lot of ideas were kicked around about how exactly this should work. We didn't want to simply create a separate sub-forum just to post videos in, because many of them are rightly categorized in the different existing sections. Also, we didn't want to jump the gun and create a section until there was plenty of content to warrant it. But, through the effort of so many of the creative members here posting wonderful videos, the time was finally right to undertake this project. (Nearly 50 videos!)

    Some notes about the directory -

    - It isn't meant to take the place of sharing videos in the regular forum sections. After all, a video reviewing a particular piece of gear indeed belongs in that manufacturer's section for discussion. Rather, the directory is simply a place for us to catalog all the videos that have been posted in so many of the various sections of the forum.

    - The set of organizational categories we have started with encompases the existing videos. However, if you have a video to post that you think doesn't fit into one of the existing ones, let me know and I'll create more categories as needed.

    - Just like the rest of the forum, we want to keep the videos focused on hammocks, hammock gear, backpacking, etc. That doesn't mean no non-hammock gear reviews certainly, in fact there is a section just for that. But it does mean that we don't need to see video of your neighbor's cat, or your nephew picking his nose, etc.

    Some introductory technical information in Q/A format(with photos) -

    Where is the video directory located?

    The video section link is found on the NavBar at the top of the forum.

    Which video hosts are supported?

    Right now, only YouTube and YouTubeHD. I will work on adding more hosts as we go along and as needed. If there is a specific one that you want added, let me know via PM and I'll see what I can do.

    How do I post a video?

    From within the video directory, click on the most appropriate of the video categories along the left column.

    Next, click on the 'New Video' button.

    On the next page, enter the URL of your YouTube video in the 'Video URL' field and click the 'Load Information' button beside it.

    The other fields should be automatically populated for your convenience. Check them over, make any changes necessary. Pay particular attention to the 'tags' field - these need to be one word tags seperated by commas. Helping to keep the tags accurate will make searching easier for everyone. When finished, click the 'Add Video' button. Voila! Your video is now in the directory.

    I have a spiffy new HD camera and I've uploaded a Hi-Def video to YouTube. How do I share it in the directory?

    Easy! When filling out the Video URL field, simply change the http:// to hdef:// before clicking the 'Load Information' button. If all is correct with the video, it will appear in it's larger format above the information fields.

    Once my video is in the directory, how do I share it in a regular forum thread?

    Take your YouTube URL, and loacate the last alphanumeric string at the end. *Place that in your post within youtube brackets as shown-


    *(Detailed instructions on embedding videos)

    I have another question that isn't covered by this post, what next?

    Post it in this thread!

    Enjoy the new directory everyone!
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