Just had to do some hammock and gear testing over the weekend. My good buddy, Smokehouse, made some beaks for the ends of my tarp. For those really bad storms these oughta keep the windblown rain/snow from sneaking in the ends of the tarp.

I was totally impressed at how much these beaks kept the breeze at bay...so I just had to share these pics with everyone. (Yeah, I know, the background is not the best. But hey, 2 trees anywhere is a bedroom waiting to happen, right?)

THe first shot shows the whole tarp. The ridge is 11' long with a 4" cat cut. The sides have a 12" cat cut. Great little summer tarp. In this shot I have only 1 beak attached. Yellow zingit is connected to the corners...the orange line is attached to the tarp itself.

Close up of the beak. Nice long slit to let the tarp and hammock suspension sneak through to the trees.

Close up of the top of the beak. There is a small piece of grosgrain that you can use to keep the beak close to the end of of the tarp.

View from inside showing the beak fully deployed. You can also see some shock cord that I attached to my HG Incubator. They are simply attached with cord locks a mitten hooks. So easy to adjust once I'm in the hammock. This keeps the UQ just perfectly snugged up to me. I can get in and out of the hammock with them in place, but they are super easy to unhook. Just unclip the mitten hook from the ridge line. When sitting in the hammock, I unclip the 2 mitten hooks from the side I am sitting on if I need to.

Smokehouse made the tarp, hammock and beaks for me. Sure do love them.
Thanks Smokehouse.

If anyone has any pointers for me on any of the set up, please pass them on. I've spent a grand total of 5 nights hanging, but 37 years backpacking. Guess I'm a slow learner.