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    I think I found my sweet spot my first night. Beginners luck anyone?! I think I'm going to keep my bed for when friends spend the night but I got better sleep last night then in my bed. Thanks for everyones input, you guys are awesome

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    Been sleeping all night indoors for 3 years. Hammock collection - Mexican 2 thin string 1 thick string
    Hammock Bliss parachute 3
    Brazilian 1
    Thai V weave 1
    Nicaraguan 1

    My current favorite is the Brazilian but I change regularly, I like having a choice. My suspension is by eye bolts x 4 with chain between hooks at both ends to allow height and length adjustment. I have a steel stand for travelling.

    The mexicans stretch, the Thai and Nic push back, the camping hammocks are great but a bit short to move around and the Brazilian is as new after 3 years.

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