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Super well done to those who built the igloo, its amazingly great! Section 13 is the best! Canon sure do make good cameras. They need to bring out a Shug proof addition. Well, that was a most enjoyable watch, Mr Shug, Thanks for putting it together. Oh, and well done again to the igloo builders!
Quite happy with the camera sound...thanks. That igloo took them about 4 hours of what looked like fun work.

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Now that was fun to watch.... and rewatch..

Loved the igloo, Hannibal's appearance, the fun and camaraderie and yes MacEntyre being pulled... that reminded me of the Voyageurs in the hall hunting armani

Thanks for sharing... gotta make it one day ....

Grtz Johan
I was well entertained on this trip by all of them for sure. What a bunch of wonderful doofy hangers))))))

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Thanks Bill, that was my plan but then Shug got me thinking. I take it once they've "set in" they don't budge, we're expecting some pretty strong winds around 50mph for this trip
I do like the snow-stakes. They bite in shallow snow well.

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thank you for exceptionally COOL jocularity.
y'all just ain't rite! and on top of #13, i believe, a "snotvine" could freeze horizontal!
Mac's pulk ride is Priceless!
Thanks again,
That was some wind up there....truly thrilling feeling the frozen snow batter the face. Wow!