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    Love hammocks and want to get a proper camping one for 2 for Mexico

    I love hammocks and alwasy take one with me when I camp in my tent......I have camped for five days in Costa Rica with my friend in a regular cotton hammock and rigged bug net and it was just fine. Now I am moving to Mexico with my man and am ready to invest in a long term camping, bug free hammock for two. Deep jungle because it is bug free, but would like something bigger like the safari or another option. My main concern is that it is easy to set up, totally bug free top and bottom and roomy. Should I just buy everything separate and get a huge hammock like an ENO or something even bigger? Or is Hennessy that good and would be fine to sleep in for 2 ( I know everyone disagrees with 2, but we are very snuggly)?

    The safari looks like another option, but I know the bugs will bite through the bottom :/

    Have a few days to make up my mind and order...please help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiesta;1052906I
    I know everyone disagrees with 2, but we are very snuggly.
    Not all of us disagree with two. I'm actually a fan.
    However, this is a thread about why you became a hanger; not really a thread for questions. Your questions would be better answered by starting a new thread.

    Welcome to the forums!
    Trust nobody!

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    I have had mesh hammocks in the past, you know those long big ones made to hold a VW bug? lol - LOVED comfy, and cool and was great for an afternoon nap on the back covered deck. In the rain, the noise was great...

    So I don't like to kill everything on the ground so being able to hang(without ground clearing, or worring about angles and rocks, or roots) seemed like a good idea. Still have not camped with one, but I think it will be good.
    Herndon, VA
    (Looking for others to see how their setup works locally)

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    Started with an old net style back packing hammock around 16 years ago. I would hang it on the porch and sleep in it inside my sleeping bag. Then I got into wilderness camping about 4 years ago and a hammock was a no brainer. But wow was I surprised with what I found when I started researching hammocks...things had come a loooong way! Decided on a Hennessy and it has served me well! It has many many miles on it now and still going strong.

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    One full year ago I bought an ENO double nest at Scout Summer camp to lounge in during the day. It was very comfortable. Several of my scouts had taken to spending the nights in theirs as it was much cooler than inside the army tents. A couple of weeks later my son and I attended an OA ordeal and decided that we would hang instead of Tent camp. It rained buckets, we were dry with a case of CBS. Thus I found Shug's video's and this site. Now I have added about 18 nights camping to my resume and none of them have been on the ground or cot.

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    Good story actually. I am moving, and getting rid of all my furniture right. I already live a pretty primal lifestyle, eating 'paleo' (unprocessed, grassfed, pasture raised, local farm raised, awesome lol), living pretty minimally, in so many ways....the list goes on.

    My friend is asking me about my move, and I tell him my plan to build all my furniture from scratch when I arrive (or most of it(fridge lol)). He says, what about your bed...and I go on about some japanese bed idea that I had, build my own frame. He says GTFO, HAMMOCK BRO! I go, !WOW! how did I not think of that first!

    One thing leads to another, and being the never ending googler (aka newage researcher lol) I am, I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do, and I started reading on these boards....just decided that I have some really particular questions and I would love to create some How-To threads when I know what I am doing after a while. So I joined. Added to the never ending list of forums I am on these days

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    I'm giving hammocks a try in part because I am finding that I dont sleep just anywhere and everywhere comfortably like I use to. I like the added benefit of not having to worry about finding the best tent site as well.
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    New to Hanging

    Honestly, I just two days ago went on my first bikepacking adventure and packed a tent with a sleeping pad. I slept miserably. My camping buddy had his Warbonnet Blackbird set up and was kind enough to give me a hang in it...

    SPOILED is all I can say as this was the first hammock I truly got a taste of and I'm already hooked

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    I went on a winter camping trip with some friends. Two of the guys had hammocks and there were three of us that huddled into a three man tent. In the morning the tent guys were kind of ragged from a cold, uncomfortable night, while the hammock guys looked great.

    I love backpacking and camping, but I didn't do it as much as I would like because I just do not sleep well at all in a tent. I'm a side sleeper and there is nothing short of a full airbed that gives me anywhere near a decent night's sleep. I pondered and pondered through the spring until a camping opportunity came up in August. I bought a Skeeter Beeter on Amazon and went hanging. It ended up being in the mid-50s that night but I had no idea about insulation in a hammock so me and my microfiber liner slept cold as hell that night. I didn't even bring a tarp since there was no chance of rain. Ugh.

    The big thing though was that even though I didn't sleep a lot, when I woke up in the morning I felt relatively great. No pain like I would have felt in a tent. I took a nap that afternoon with the sun shining and from there I was totally hooked.

    The final culmination was when my wife and I went camping last winter. Once again is was in the twenties. The first night I slept with her in the tent. Cold, painful, just a miserable night. The next night I threw up the hammock and my PLUQ, blue pad, sleeping bag and down comforter and slept straight through the night. There is just no comparison in terms of comfort between a hammock and a tent.

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    About a year ago a buddy of mine and I were chewing the fat about jungle warfare techniques, and of course hammocks came up.
    Just so happened I had been sleeping badly moving from bed to bed (not how it sounds), getting neck and back aches regularly, so I was intrigued by his description of how good you sleep in one.
    He brought in his HH, I did some research on this forum, BPL etc, and bought a WBBB. Haven't looked back.
    I even gave up sleeping in beds as often as I can. In fact, I think as of next month it will be a year since I've slept on the ground!
    Pain is just weakness leaving the body

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