Hi all,

I grew up enjoying hammocks as a kid. My mother was from Venezuela and that was part of the culture there. When mom and dad were first married in the 40's they made a canoe/skiff trip from the backcountry of Venezuela to the coast camping in their "wedding hammock" with bug netting. They remember hearing Jaguars in the jungle and keeping a nice fire going all night. It was wet season and they boated out because the roads were flooded. Dad had to get back to report for duty to his naval base.

I rediscovered hammocks while camping on Orcus Island on a kayak trip a few years ago. I figured out on-line what the set-up I saw was and ordered my Hennessy H. I've used it on multi day sea kayak trips in the San Juan Islands as well as Northern Calif. lakes. Last summer I did a five day bike tour down the Southern Oregon / Northern Calif coast camping in State Parks and sleeping so comfortably in my hammock. I've taken up backpacking again as I can once more enjoy sleeping in the woods. My back wasn't doing well sleeping on the ground for some years. I had figured that season of life was over for me.

I'm pretty comfortable with the set up I've been using for a couple of years. I have two Big Agnes sleeping bags with the bottom pocket for a pad. One is a light down bag with a mummy shaped insulated air core pad for bike and backpack hanging. I have a bigger synthetic bag for camping out of my kayak. Down makes me nervous for kayak camping.

I did most of my hammock research on the Hammock Forums, but didn't post as I had more questions than information to share.