I've been camping for many years now (too many to remember exactly) all those years ago there was a big group of us about 15 i think it was. As a youngster sleeping on the ground wasn't so bad, however as we get older i gets more of an effort to get etc, etc. anyway i can't exactly remember what made me buy a hammock, but i knew i didn't want a net one as i'd used one when i was young and remembered getting button stuck etc, so it had to be a fabric one. Liked the look of the HH but didn't want to spend all that money in case i didn't like it. Eventually i got a DD Hammock the scout to be exact, well i haven't looked back now on a camping trip with my buddies i wake up feeling great no aches or pains. I have now upgraded to a DD camping hammock for the moment that does me fine. Wether i'm a hanger or not i'll let you decide one thing for sure i love hanging in the trees.