Hi, my name is h4wk and I am a hanger.

I had wanted to trying hanging for the last couple of years, but my boys were too young for me to leave them in a tent without me. Now that they are older and experienced campers, I'm not so worried about that. I was on a Boy Scout summer camp trip in August and our camp was on the side of a steep, rocky hill. I was to be there for 3 days, come home and work for 2 days, then go back up for 2 days. I was tent camping and had a 2-man tent that I was barely able to nestle into a spot that passed for flat. The first night it poured down rain and all that water rushed down the hillside, getting me and my gear wet. I made due, but when I got home I decided that was the perfect application for a hammock and bought my HH. I tested it at home and loved it. When I got back to camp I hung right on the steep hillside with no worries. I had the most comfortable night sleeping ever while camping and I was hooked. Since then, my OCD has taken over and I constantly (like many others here on the forum) am looking for places and ways to use my hammock. It is definitely a fun distraction. I love reading everyone else's posts and experiences.