I have always been a little interested in hammocks however I never really took the time to look into them. As a little kid I had a small white net hammock outside but didn't really use it a lot. Recently I've been getting into a lot more outdoor activity and been doing some research on different types of gear and what not for camping. That's when I stumbled onto the North American Clark hammock. I was blown away by the idea and over all design of that tent. So I started doing more research on hammocks and decided I wanted to build one. Almost every time I searched for DIY info I was sent here and after lurking for a bit I decided to join.
(I ramble a little. lol)
I have a trip planned in a few months to go on a 40mile backpacking trip in Colorado and would love to take a hammock with me. In a week or two I'm going on a weekend camp and gonna try to put together a trial to take with me to see if I actually like hangin!