Went on a campout with my Scouts, and one of the adults had this funny looking thing (Hennessy Hammock, natch) he rigged up between the trees. A couple of the other adults were laughing at him. I said "Hey, what's Bob doing?" and was told "Oh, that's Bob's hammock - he's tried it a couple times but always gets too cold in it and winds up getting back into the tent in the middle of the night."

Well, I was intrigued. I talked with Bob for a while about it and he explained how the thing worked, how comfortable it was, and the problems he had with CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome). Sure enough, about halfway through the 30 degree night (we were camping in North Georgia in November ) I hear the rip of Velcro and a ton of rustling as Bob deserted the hammock for the tent. However, I was already thinking of ways to overcome the problem. Bob offered the use of the hammock that afternoon so I could see how it worked - two hours later he was shaking the hammock waking me up from my nap!

I researched, found Sgt. Rock's site, from there found and read JustJeff's site like Holy Writ, bought my rig and signed up here.

More stuff to buy and/or make - oh yes. But I'm not sleeping on the ground again if I can help it!