Well, like most others I was tired of clearing rocks, having roots dig into my back, etc. The tipping point came on one scout campout where the ground was soaked and muddy. I brought an Army shelter half with no floor. I ended up sleeping in my vehicle which is NOT my style. I got into a minimalist kick soon after and bought a basic nylon travel hammock. On the next campout I hung it, put a tarp over head and never looked back. I haven't slept in a tent in 5 years! The other Scouts like my set up, but just can't make the leap. My own boys have now discovered that tents are the wave of the past. As I write this, my 15 year old is at Scout Camp and brought that same nylon travel hammock to sleep in for the week. He knows that you don't get much air flow through a heavy canvas tent. I hope he gets the others to turn to the "light side"!!!!