I started kayaking and was all excited to be able to go on overnight trips to various places.

But was quickly disappointed with how few legal camping places there are around here.

The national parks are very strict about only camping in their limited worn out designated camping areas, which require bookings in advance, months in advance for summer, even ballot systems during the peak holiday season.
There are few flat areas for a tent, and they are "obvious" areas where rangers are likely to patrol and fine or tell you off, or other campers will already be there.
The few suitable sites aren't so suitable when you have to haul a 30kg 18ft kayak plus all your gear up to camp from the shore.
Commercial camping grounds are becoming extinct, gradually filling up with cabins, and charging up to $40 a night for a simple tent site.

The general advice from the kayaking community was that if you want to kayak camp your going to have to go stealth. Setup on a beach in the dark and be gone as soon as the sun rises.
Depressingly anti "freedom".

The name "Hennesey Hammock" came up as a device with stealthy abilities, research begun from there, found there are quite a lot of brands available even though none are ever seen in the camping stores.

Realised there is more potential than just stealth, "these people are raving about them actually being comfortable!", Im thinking that would be very nice since I have never had a comfortable night laying on my inch thick self inflating mattress inside a tent, especially with aching shoulder and back muscles from paddling all day.

But people were saying hammocks hurt your back due to curving. You cant sleep on your side (Im a side sleeper). This worried me.
I now suspect they have never tried a camping hammock.

So after much procrastination, and waiting for a friend to get one first as a test, I ordered one. I went for a cheap system, less loss if I didnt like it.

All good so far, immeasurably more comfortable than a tent even when car camping with a thick air mattress.
Now I am seriously considering making a frame so I can hang in a campground in a few weeks (no trees there). Even with the luxuries of car camping I am dreading the hard ground and restless night in a tent compared with the hammock.