I'm brand new to this forum and still searching for my first hammock. I've been an on and off backpacker since childhood and one thing that has ALWAYS been an issue for me in the backcountry is a solid nights sleep. I always have body parts sliding off of the pad due to a subtle angle of the terrain or moving around. After a recent backpacking trip 2 weeks ago where my nights sleep was atrocious, I decided to start researching ways to improve comfort.
Initially, I was leaning towards a luxury sleeping pad (such as those made by NEMO and Big Agnes) that would slide into an accommodating sleeping bag. In addition, I was searching for a lightweight "bomb-proof" small 2 person or large 1 person tent. Currently, I have an MSR Skinny One that I got for $50 on pro-deal which was a great deal, but it's a single wall tent that doesn't vent nearly as well as I was expecting. I started seeing posts enthusiastically discussing backpacking hammocks and decided to look into them.
From what I have gathered so far, backpacking and casual camping with a solid hammock seem to fit my needs. Of course, I will have to purchase one and see for sure.