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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackshadow View Post
    Hammock forums, Warbonnet Guy and Shug!
    Whooooo Buddy .... made the big three.......
    Shug's Swag....

    Whooooo Buddy)))) All Secure in Sector Seven

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    I got ino hanging as sleeping on the ground just isn't comfortable any more due to age and back problems. Plus the strange looks you get when you tell people at work you camp out in hammock.

    Shug, I always thought you were # 1 on the forum. At the very least I would nominate you as the Hammock Formums Ambassador
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    Tony D
    I started using a hammock about 6 years ago. I did not think i wouild like it as much as I do.

    It is easy to put up.
    My back does not hurt from sleepin on the ground anymore.
    I never have to worry about a wet tent to clean and dry out after a wet weekend.
    It is super light weight.
    It is freakin awesome.

    glad i found you guys. Thought I was the only one with the problem.

    tony d

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    New guy here

    I am planning a few day hike in the Santa Ritas ( South AZ )and while looking at some youtube vids about backpacks I came across a few vids on DIY hammocks.The next day I was going through my vintage camping gear and found I had 3 family size tents and a small two man tent.One was a 4-6 man tent made with ripstop nylon. I cut a seemless section out 7 x 4 and made a 16 oz hammock.Then cut the floor out and made a rain fly.I made a few other tarps and hammocks since then.My next project will be a tyvek tarp.My buddy is a house builder so that may be free also.
    How do I post photos here and how/where do you put up a profile pic?
    Thanks all,

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    Greetings again Te-Wa


    My story is not yet a success story. I'm new here and just introduced myself minutes ago (Trying Again in Michigan) and very much hope to get off the ground.

    Saying "hi" as we have corresponded on hiking in the Supes / Battleship Mt over at BPL. I was always kind of curious how you managed to hang in the desert where two trees don't always cooperate and sharp things are everywhere.

    Any, wish me luck. My back and hips are ready for a change. Hoping to have a minimal net gain of maybe 1# to my current 10# pack weight.


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    I made my first hammock in the Phillipines in 1991. Didn't have a sewing machine so I had to stitch it all by hand. Didn't think about whippin' it. In the tropics you MUST have a hammock. Additionally it kept us off the sand where the sand fleas were. I hang in the pacific nw now.

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    Utah Newbie

    I wandered into the hammock scene when I bought a hammock on a whim at an outdoor expo last fall. I'm a whitewater rafter, and I currently use a roll-a-cot / thermarest combo for sleeping. It's quite nice, but I still toss & turn a bit, and can't get totally comfy on my back. I prefer not to pitch my tent if possible, and like to sleep under the stars. I've been using the hammock for afternoon naps in camp and found it to be really nice. So, I decided to try it out for overnight sleeping on a Main Salmon trip last month. Slept in it for the last two nights of an eight day trip. Very comfy, but cold, even with temps in the 50s. Now that I've done some reading on this forum I've learned about staying warm in a hammock. I'll be taking the hammock on an eight day Middle Fork Salmon river trip in two weeks. Weather for this trip can be pleasant or it can be wet and cold. Who knows. I have a Trek Light double hammock, a KAQ Lost River 3/4 underquilt on order, and I have two Kelty Noah's tarps (9X9 and 12X12). I'll bring my tent / cot set-up for back-up. The great thing about river rafting is that you can bring a lot of gear for comfort. I'm definitely not an ounce counter like a backpacker would be. My 14 ft. cataraft can carry quite a bit. Some of the rivers we run don't have a ton of trees, but we often use oars for our kitchen tarp support, so I might be able to rig a hammock support using my oars. We'll see. It appears that hammock folks are just as much "gear heads" as rafters. Always looking for ways to improve our "stuff."
    I noticed that a majority of the people on this forum are from back east, so I decided to join the forum to represent for us western/rafter folks.
    Thanks for all the great info on this site. It's been really helpful to a newbie.

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    Just joined

    A newbee - tried a Nicaruguan ( sp ? ) cotton Hammock this summer - but something chewed/drilled some holes in it while I was out hiking and it ripped clear across the width the next day during a nap and dumped me on the ground. Gave me a good laugh at least. Just got an ENO double nester (? ) . I stumbled on this forum and to be honest - feel a bit intimidated by you 110%ers.

    Hooked it up to my bedroom walls yesterday and plan to try it out at least a couple of nights - always hated beds in a way - spent 4 years in Japan on futons - loved putting them away during the day - airing them out on the balcony - and the extra space in a ' non bed " bedroom .

    Beds collect dust , critters , and take up too much room - not to mention the expense.

    Bought 2 hammocks , to be specific. I just plan keeping one in my tool box and catching some rest or staring at clouds when the mood strikes and I find a good spot.

    Just having a relaxing and easy option so handy is nice

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    Always been a hanger, at home, cabin, car camping and I visit costa rica often where hammocks are a neccesity. I never wanted to carry the weight backpacking but thanks to the forum here my hammock only weighs 10oz now and always makes it in my pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by russmay View Post
    Last Christmas I bought a mosquito hammock on clearance from REI. Set it up for summer in back yard to relax. Having been an outdoors man, my whole life I thought this would be great for backpacking or camping in general. I thought if I could get a tarp for rain,wind ,and whatever elements would protect me. I spend way to much time on the internet looking at backpacking/camping gear. I just stumbled across this site. Just recently I actually joined the group. I also made my first purchase of a reel hammock the Warbonnet Black bird. If it wasn't for this group or hangers I would probably still be in a tent. Thanks guys, I setting up the blackbird tonight in the backyard. Should be in the low 30's.
    Same story here :-) Except I still have that hammock, I quite like it, nothing wrong with it for summer camping. And, what really got me going were Shug's youtube vids (I just noticed he is on this forum too, dude you are too funny), so far I use a cheap plastic surplus tarp, but I desperately want it replaced!

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