I didn't want to hyjack HC4U's post so I thought I'd start another one.

Pertaining to the 1.1 & 1.7 used to make the BB, if I have done the math correctly, I'm guessing that it weighs around 27.5 oz.

Is the reason the double is flatter because of less stretch?

How wide is the pocket for the CC pad?

I'm also guessing that if you use a JRB quilt with the BB, the side pocket hangs out over the top. From what I have read here the JRB HR should work fine.

What is the length of cord before the straps are attached?
I ask because of the way I adjust the UQ.

In all the pictures that I have seen the sides are pulled out. I use a HHUL right now and rarely tie out the sides. Will this effect anything other than the netting hanging inward? Guessing it's the same as the HH.

Do you send out demos to check out? (deposit required of course).

Sorry if some of the questions seem redundant. I've read most of the posts for the BB. May have missed a few answers.