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    Here's my take...I don't sleep good, ANYWHERE.

    I have had issues with sleeping for years. I typically wake up 5-6 time/night, regardless of whether or not I'm at home in my bed or camping out in my hammy.

    I love camping out. I love getting out into the woods, and away from people. In my case, I struggled with sleeping in a tent/on the ground, as it massively aggravated my back.

    That's where the hammock makes the difference for me. I don't hurt when I wake up and get outta bed in the morning when I camp now. I can get straight up, dressed, and ready to move with no pain.

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    This one time at Hammock camp ..........
    it took me a while till i could sleep in a hammock.
    my problem was i could never fall asleep now i can pass out within min
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    Sometimes I sleep well in the hammock and other times I can't get to sleep. I can't figure out why. Sometimes I sleep good initially, but then a couple hours later wake up and can't get back to sleep. If I am in the backyard I bail and go in the house and sleep in my bed.
    I switch hammocks alot to keep all my hammocks happy and not favor anyone too much over the others. ( they get so jealous ) I think this may be an issue and I need to concentrate on one hammock and get it tweaked to perfection.
    I may try that and see what happens.
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    I have the same as most here. I have had a couple of good nights of sleep and I have had night where I haven't slept at all. Each night though was very comfortable. I even had thoughts of going back to ground. Mind you only for a second or two. Then I just spent a night at the Boston science museum sleeping on a self inflating thermarest deluxe. Very nice pad. I didn't sleep at all on that and I was more sore then the worst night in the hammock. So I confirmed I am not going to ground unless it is a must. I also will never trade the hammock full time for the select comfort bed and my wife. Way to comfortable and more fun then sleeping in the hammock alone.
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    My whole family (wife, 3 kids 4,7,&9, and myself) all spent a weekend in hammocks during our church camping trip. Having to setup 5 hammocks, and getting 5 opinions (one being my own) on how the night went, was certainly an educational experience for me. I learned that just the slightest difference in angle can be the difference between sleeping great and readjusting constantly. I'm referring to the issue of do you make your head higher, level, or lower than the foot end.

    One of my sons kept sliding to one end of his hammock, so I raised his foot end about an inch and lowered the head an inch, and he was in dream land not a minute later.

    My daughters was spot on for her from the get go, and she slept 10 hours straight!!!

    Ridgeline is also pretty crucial for that consistently good hang. I've been fumbling with mine, and my last night out the ridgeline was just about 4 inches too long. I think that certainly contributed to my frequent waking up. I'd suggest not being afraid to put a mark at that sweet spot length on the ridgeline, so if you accidentally adjust its length, you can go right back to it.

    These are all just suggestions from my own experiences, they're worth what they cost you

    Here's a few pics from the whole family trip

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    I manage to wake up several times a night in my hammock, but I usually can fall back to sleep pretty quickly. (Unless I hear three coyotes howling a couple hundred yards away like I did at Stone Mountain!)

    It is certainly not my memory foam mattress, but I sure do feel better when I get up than I ever did getting up off of the ground. I usually wake up several times a night in my bed too, since my kids get in in the middle of the night and seem to make it their mission to push me off!

    I am one of those paranoid types who usually can't take a nap in the car if I wanted to. I guess that carries over a little to the hammock.

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