I am a real noob with questions that have probably been answered before and may be buried deep inside this forum but here goes......

I have an ENO Doublenest and have been studying up on the basics, looking, looking,looking...
I have the ridgeline figured out although I am sure it will need some tweaking, I have the 'stuff' ordered to make my underquilt,and have bought 'the Ultimate Hang'.
I have set up in my living room for experimenting,etc.
Last night I tried to spend my 1st night of hanging. I have napped a few times but this was to be an all nighter.
I know I made some mistakes so this is where you come in and tell me what I should have done.
My mistakes....#1 was I put the pad in the hammock with me. (Pad being the windshield reflector thing)
#2................a mummy sleeping bag.
With this junk in there I could not get comfortable at all.
When napping it is just me, the hammock & a blanket over me...sleeps good that way.

When my poncho liner arrives I will use it & the windshield thing to make the UQ.
So that won't be IN the hammock anymore.
What should I lay on? Nothing?
How do you do this?
Teach an old dog a trick or 2...I am gearing up for a weekend but I am trying to do my testing for now inside untill I get all the kinks out.
Tell me what I am doing wrong......( I only survived about 4 hours last night)