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I don't see how this would be an issue. I'd rather keep as much heat as close to me as possible. Besides, if the sleeping bag were insulating enough on the bottom for this to be an issue than you wouldn't need an UQ anyway. That just doesn't make sense. Either the sleeping bag is insulating on the bottom and keeping that heat close to your body, which is good, or it's not and it is a non-issue. This is like the guys that will tell you that wearing clothes in a sleeping bag detracts from the insulative properties...
I agree. I have used my combo Marmot Pinnacle(as a sleeping bag not a quilt) and my JRB Greylock with very great success. I have been very warm as low as 20f, have not had the chance in Alabama to try it any lower.

I have had 5 different TQ's from 3 manufacturers. They all were quality pieces of gear, but in then end they were not for me. Many people love TQs. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with using a sleeping bag. Personally I think having it under you adds to the "R" value of the UQ.

My best advice is try them both, whichever one you dont like sell it on HF. Its worked for me.