EGL Winter Hang - Feb 2013

I just wanted to get the snowball rolling on our first hang of 2013!

Dates: Feb 16th - 18th 2013 - But really anytime from mid to late February
Duration: 2 nights - With the option of additional nights for those hardcore hangers with time on their hands
Destination: Say Algonquin or vicinity: Somewhere between the Lakes Simcoe and Nippissing and the Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River.

Aiming for a weekend in the bush away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Expect light to moderate snowshoeing, some excellent EGL backcountry cuisine and hopefully some ice-fishing.

Update: It's a toss up between a more relaxed couple of days at Algonquin's Mew Lake campground to take in some of the wither festivities or a more traditional backcountry/snowshoeing trip..

Suggestions for locations are always welcome. Last year we passed on Niger Lake, Ontario (Lat: 4524'1.57"N / Long: 7850'41.65"W). It's a crown land lake about one kilometer south of highway 60, just below the SW corner of Algonquin (no park camping fees). There's a parking lot and snowmobile trails leading up and over the hill. It won't be as quiet during the day as Algonquin's interior, but I imagine, come nightfall, things should settle down. It also allows ice-fishing, which would be a nice bonus.

Get out those winter quilts and pack your mittens!!!!!

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