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    48 Top Quilt Shells And New Torso Length Shells

    Hello all! Due to the popularity of the 60 inch long torso length, I am making it available in that length only. All thats needed to make a torso length 50-60 inches is measure, cut excess and sew. The width is still 46 inches.

    Also, I will be making Top Quilt Shells the first of Feb. It will be a simple non tapered design measuring 75Lx50W with 16 vertical baffles (baffles are 3 inch). The footbox will need to be sewn by you or velcro added by you. The TQ will come with channels at the top and bottom so cord can be added to close the foot end or cinch the top.

    Color is the same olive green ripstop 2nds.

    The price for the TQ Shell will be $80.00 shipped. The new torso length will stay at $50.00 shipped.

    Thank you!
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