OK so I was doing some thinking, in my favorite spot to do my thinking; the ski lift, last night and an idea came to me. It could be terrible for some reason I haven't thought of, but that's why I have you guys!

What if I were to split the back of my mummy bag right down the middle all the way to the footbox, and sew a rectange of fabric (maybe just ripstop?) in between the two sides of the split that matches the width of my CCF pad? I could even sew a double layer there to make a pocket for the CCF pad. Of course I'd probably want to get rid of the zipper on the front and just sew that shut.

It seems to me that this would be the best of both worlds between a sleeping bag and a TQ, besides the additional weight of course. I just like the idea of having a little more room in my sleeping bag, but still having the sides secured down to my pad so I don't get drafts.

Any thoughts? Tell me what tiny detail I forgot that kills this whole idea.