I need to purchase an UQ ASAP so I can get out in my WBBB and get to hanging. The question I have of course is which type of UQ to get?! I'm not so much worried about where to buy the UQ so much as which type to get. I love sleeping in the cold, but this whole week in ohio its been right around 15*. Typical winter weather, but I want to be able to hang in temps this cold or colder. That being said once spring and summer roll around I want to be able to sleep without sweating all night, I HATE sleeping when I'm hot.

So should I get a 3/4 UQ or a full length? Should I get a really low rated UQ like a 0* or 20* or stick with a warmer one like a 40* so I can still enjoy my summer hangs?

Lets hear it!